Seal Coatings developing and manufacturing Thermal insulation and waterproofing Coatings is excited to announce the receipt of a CE-mark 1504-2 for its Thermal Insulation and waterproofing coatings. Seal Coatings also will like to announce the completion of its certification of its Factory Production Control CE 1029 in compliance with the regulation of 305/2011/EU of the European parliament for construction products.

Seal Coatings thoroughly worked to achieve CE Marking for our products manufactured at our factory in the United Arab Emirates.”, said Abdul Nasser Al-Kadri, CEO of Seal Coatings. “This milestone continues to strengthen Seal Coating's position as the future leader in developing Thermal Coatings .”, said Neville Hawatt, Managing Director of Seal Coatings. We are also excited to continue developing innovative paints and coatings using our Nanotechnology..”

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