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Seal Coatings - Waterproofing and Heating Insulating Manufacturing Company

thermal Insulation coatings, acrylic waterproofing coatings, primers and undercoats, and thermal reflective paints for roofs and walls

Seal Coatings ® Company is proud to offer its environmentally friendly paint / coating products since 2003 from various locations across the globe. Seal Coatings ® specializes in radiant barrier insulating coatings, heat reflective coatings, thermal insulating elastomeric roof coatings, thermal Nano coatings, cool roof paints, waterproof coatings for roofs and walls, cementitious waterproofing coatings and primers for residential, commercial and industrial use.

Seal Coatings® has offices and distributors around the world, including France, Sydney (Australia), USA, Amman (Jordan), Lebanon, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Beirut (Lebanon), Doha (Qatar), Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and the Dominican Republic. We are well on our way to becoming the world leader in thermal barrier coatings and environmentally friendly products.

Latest News

Middle East Coatings Showing 2018 - Dubai

You may be wondering if you have the necessary skills, time, connections, and a million other things in order to create the business of your dreams. If you let your uncertainty and insecurity overpower you, you won't ever be able to unleash your true business potential. more...

Solar Reflective Paint Workshop At Rakric – Uae

RAK Research and Innovation Center invited Seal Coatings and 15 of the leading local manufacturers of High solar reflective paints to view the workshop on “High Solar reflective Index Materials – Weathering Tests and explain the Certification process” more...

Middle East Coatings Show Dubai - 2017

Seal Coatings, one of the leading makers of Radiant Heat Barrier Coatings will be attending the Middle East Coatings Show Stand j11 on March 13th at the Dubai World Trade Center. MECS is the largest exhibition in the Middle East addressing the needs of the latest advancement and technology in the coatings and paint industry. more...

Visit us at the Middle East Coatings Show 2017 - MECS, Dubai

We are pleased to announce that Seal Coatings will be present at the exhibition. We would like to invite you to visit our booth (Sheik Saeed Hall1 – Stand J11) more...
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