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Seal Coatings ® company established 2003 specializes in ceramic radiant heat thermal barriers, heat reflective paint, elastomeric roof coatings, raw materials, waterproofing coatings and paints for residential, commercial and industrial uses. Seal Coatings team always gets briefed with the up to date technologies in the changing fast world. Our research and development are always in the Lab developing new technologies to help in offering a sustainable green environment worldwide.

Seal Coatings ® having branches and distributors across the globe such as France, Sydney – Australia, California – USA, Amman – Jordan, Lebanon, Doha – Qatar, Dubai – United Arab Emirates and Dominican Republic we are set to become the world’s leaders in thermal radiant heat barrier coatings and green products. With our set range of products such as the Thermal insulating acrylic paints / coatings for Exterior and Interior and the waterproofing coatings, there are many relevant uses in their applications which include: Residential Buildings &Villas; Industrial & Commercial Building; Silos; fuel & Water Tanks; Industrial piping & Equipment and much more as we continue to provide the best high quality Paint/Coating products.

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We found Seal Water Guard Product very effective in sealing and waterproofing our warehouse roof.

Seal Thermal-Shield is a space-age elastomeric hollow ceramic micro-spheres providing inexpensive and unmatched thermal insulation towards saving energy and the environment.

This Thermal Barrier technology was first developed by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) for the use of the US space Shuttle program.