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Seal Thermal-Shield is a High Performance thermal insulation 100% acrylic elastomeric coating based on the latest chemical technology with High Tech insulating ceramic microspheres. The coated surface forms an elastomeric heat barrier by, resisting over 95% of UV; refracting and dissipating up to 75% of the heat thus reducing heat conduction. With this phenomena, heat entering a building is significantly reduced. The thick rubber-like ceramic reinforced shield expands and contracts with varying hot and cold Temperatures to resist thermal shock. Seal Thermal-Shield offers superior mildew resistance, anti-bacterial, sound dampening, infrared heat resistance, UV ray reflectivity and corrosion resistance.

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Seal Thermal-Shield forms a weather & waterproof barrier

Having the waterproofing impervious and elongation properties in addition to the strong bonding on most substrates, Seal Thermal-Shield ProductS creates an excellent seamless Waterproofing coating that would seal and waterproof any exterior or interior area in addition to eliminating condensation. Further, the elongation property of STS coating resists the Surfacing of any cracks emanating from substrate.

Non conductive base particles are active throughout the coating layer to give high water resistance as well as heat resistance property.
STS is not suitable as an inner lining for water ponding.

Waterproofing Coating / Paint


Seal Thermal-Shield Products Keep’s buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in winter by reducing heat transfer through roofs, walls and ceilings.

  • Reduces internal temperatures by up to 45%

  • Increased thermal protection and saves energy

  • Seals and waterproofs

  • Eliminates blistering, peeling & cracking

  • Stops and prevents any further corrosion

  • Can be tinted to any desired Pascal colour

  • Nontoxic and environmentally friendly

  • Easy to apply

  • Very low maintenance/repair cost

  • Excellent bonding to most substrates

  • Mildew and bacteria resistant

  • Non combustible Class A Fire Retardant

  • and much more…


Seal Thermal-Shield coated surfaces forms an heat barrier by resisting fire and with a Class A Flame spread rate due to its special formulation.

thermal-shock paint


Thermal shock phenomena resulting out of the environment and weather conditions causes damages to most structures by means of expansion and contraction. Such movement has a direct impact on the loosening of metal roof components and the cracking of exposed mass reinforced concrete structures. Since this impact degrades the integrity of the structures, Seal Thermal-Shield Products reduces Thermal Shock.

Environmentally Friendly Paint Coating


Seal Thermal-Shield Product is waterborne and free from any Toxic or hazardous
substance both in its liquid and cured forms. It is highly resistant to fire, rain, chemicals, atmospheric pollution, fading, abrasion and fungal growth and there is no harmful effects to humans and the environment from its application.

Save Money + Save Energy + Save Planet = SEAL THERMAL-SHIELD

Save Money Thermal Insulation

Save Money

Energy cost saving for summer cooling and winter heating.

Save Energy

The reduction of heat entry into building requires less energy for cooling.

Save planet eco friendly coatings paint

Save Planet

Seal Thermal-Shield Product is waterborne and free from any Toxic or Hazardous substance both in its liquid and cured forms.

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