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Seal Thermal-Shield XT (Exterior)

Thermal-Shield XT (Exterior) forms an elastomeric heat barrier by, resisting over 95% of UV; refracting and dissipating up to 75% of the heat; and by reducing heat conduction. With its high grade of pure acrylic combined with ceramic micro-spheres technology, STSXT (Exterior) coating becomes a very low poor conductor of heat which resists outer heat entry coming through outer walls and conversely resists the loss of heat of the interior thereby saving on energy.

Typical Applied Surfaces

  • ► Powder Coated Metal Cladding Walls
  • ► Alum/Galvanized Metal Walls
  • ► Concrete walls  
  • ► Plastered walls
  • ► Block/Brick walls 
  • ► Wooden Walls
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Thermal-Shield XT Exterior Thermal Insulation & Energy Saving Coating / Paint

Seal Thermal-Shield XT is a High Tech / High Performance liquid applied thermal insulation and energy saving exterior walls coating system. Seal Thermal-Shield XT also having high quantity of ceramic micro-spheres of vacuum beads in an elastomeric emulsion of high grade acrylic resin is nontoxic (Environmentally friendly) and is designed to outlast other radiant barrier exterior systems.Also It is applied on most exterior surfaces including that of concrete and metal.



  • ► Reduces internal temperatures
  • ► Increased thermal protection and saves energy
  • ► Non-toxic, water-based, low VOC
  • ► Available in a wide range of exterior colours
  • ► Eliminates blistering, peeling & cracking
  • ► Excellent bonding to most substrates
  • ► Excellent breath-ability
  • ► Water resistance
  • ► Very low maintenance/repair costs
  • ► High solar reflective index
  • ► Non-combustible - Class A Fire Retardant
  • ► Anti-crack
  • ► Low Odor
  • ► Easy clean
thermal exterior technology reflective insulating coating paint

Why Thermal-Shield XT?

Seal Thermal-Shield XT Keep’s buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in winter by reducing heat transfer through exterior walls.

case study thermal insulating paint - seal coatings

Case Study - Dubai

Summer duration - plastered wall surface temperature was reduced by refracting and dissipating of the heat; and by reducing heat conduction.

seal coatings XT reflecting heat of building
More Benefits!
  • Class A - Fire Retardant Coating Class A - Fire Retardant

    Seal Thermal-Shield XT is Flame Retardant Class A water based non-toxic coating tested to meet ASTM E-84 Building Codes Standard at 500 micron WFT.

  • Class A - Fire Retardant Coating Weatherproof and Waterproof

    Seal Thermal-Shield XT Product creates an excellent seamless waterproofing coating that would seal and waterproof any area in addition to reducing condensation and mold growth.

  • Elastomeric & Thermal Shock Coating / Paint Elastomeric & Thermal Shock

    Seal Thermal-Shield XT expands and contracts with changing weather conditions to accommodate structural movement and rapid changed in surface temperatures. This enables the coating to handle and reduce the continuous thermal stresses.

  • Environmentally Friendly Coating / Paint Environmentally Friendly

    Seal Thermal-Shield NT Product is waterborne and free from any Toxic or Hazardous substance both in its liquid and cured forms.

More Information
Product type
Typical applied surface
  • ► Powder Coated Metal Cladding Walls
  • ► Alum/Galvanized Metal Walls
  • ► Concrete walls  
  • ► Plastered walls
  • ► Block/Brick walls 
  • ► Wooden Walls
Theoretical spread rate
3 m2 / Liter @ 400 Microns WFT
Specific gravity
1.06 kg /L ± 2% ; theoretical for white colours
Roller or airless spray application is recommended
White or as per the exterior colour chart
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